About Us

The MAHER KHAK Consulting Engineers Company has been triggered its activities since approximately March 2001.  On the contemporary, this company asserts that it does possess assets compound of skilled and expert staff in the variant fields such as geotechnical   affairs, reinforcement procedures and quality controls (especially soil, concrete and tarmac) and also it is prepared to serve any conferring services resembled to a patriot whom despite his minor engagement, craves to participate in the development and progression of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The MAHER KHAK Consulting Engineers Company has been registered with the No. 311142 in the Tehran Industrial Property and Registrations Office since 2007 and at present has been dubbed to have the third grade in tiers by the Countries Scheduling and Management Organization in the branch of Geo technical and aggregates strength trials.
Based upon the recent international standards accompanied with the thorough excavation paraphernalia services and supports, likewise by relying on technical personnel who are well educated and ethical, this company self-praised itself as the fact that had been accomplished many projects in its territory counties and the times less than the contract deadlines and with the applicable qualities

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