Les Equipement désertique

Down  Hole test ABEM Terraloc pro. of the leading manufacturers in the word of geophysical instrument. image

Plate load test equipment (with different plates &surcharges). image

Equipment for performing permeability field test (Lefranc and Lugeon). 

Required equipment's for performing the standard penetration test (S.P.T.). 

Field CBR test instruments. image

Geoelectric sound test & soil electrical resistance measuring equipment's. image

Double test equipment (tensile nail test). 

equipments which are requisite on performing in situ shear test. image

Required instruments for loading piles. image

Equipped instruments for testing the field bulk density

Concrete placing control (slump test)

Concrete molds sampling in 15×15 & 15×30 cm

Digital Camera

GPS apparatus

Complete set of cement slush tests