Strengthening the structure

-Microprocessor Testing -Processing Testing-Pars-1391 -Mahmood Abad
-Three-Axial Testing of Bahmaneshir Dam -Jian-1391-Assaluyeh Dam Project
-For the consolidation of the substrate-Persian Company Bana-1390-Behshahr
-Installation of Amir Abuzar Alvand Co.-2011 - Imam Khomeini Port
-Microprocessor Test -Jian-2011-Khorramshahr Test
-Reporting studies of Tejarat Bank Tejarat Branch of Imam Khomeini Square Tehran-Trade Bank-2009-Tehran
- Rehabilitation Studies of Central Bank of Esfahan Bank-Trade-2009-Isfahan
- Rehabilitation Studies of the World Trade Center of the World Trade Center-Tehran-Tehran
-Installation of the Cavalry Bridge in Tehran, Abale Road - Baba'i-Municipality Tehran-2008 - Tehran
-Installation of the Cavalry Bridge in Tehran Besat Road - Tehran-2008 Municipality of Tehran-Tehran
-Resistance of the cavalry bridge to the road of Besat - Fadaiyan Islam-Municipality Tehran-2008 - Tehran
-Installation of the Cavalry Bridge in Tehran-Sanai Khani Road, Tehran-Tehran-2008- Tehran
-Installation of the crane bridge in Tehran Haqqani Road Tehran-2008- Tehran
-Research services for retrofitting schools in Tehran and the suburbs-School of Modernization of Tehran Province Schools-2008- Tehran and Suburbs
Geotechnical studies of four railway vehicles of West Azarbaijan Railway - Ministry of Road and Transportation of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways-2008-Tehran
-Saman Bank Building, Pasdaran Branch-Saman Bank Building-2008-Tehran
-Installation of 25 schools in Mazandaran province-Consulting Engineers of Pikkh Sang-2007- Mazandaran
-Installation of 10 schools in Bushehr province- Koban Consulting Engineers Explore South-1386-Bushehr
-Solidation of 36 schools in Isfahan province -Pakkhos Consulting Engineers-2007-Bushehr
10-Class Assaluyeh School-Koban Consulting Engineers Explore South-1385-Bushehr