More Projects

Drilling of gold mine - Mr. Vanei - 1396 - Arak
Drilling of Ahmadabad mine by Poetry and Wireland - Zarrin Mine Chaf-1396 - Semnan
Drilling and Crushing Operations in the Neighborhood Need - Mine Middle East Renovation Company - 1396-Ardebil
-Microprocessor Testing -Processing Testing-Pars-1391 -Mahmood Abad
-Three-Axial Testing of Bahmaneshir Dam -Jian-1391-Assaluyeh Dam Project
- Draft drainage project of Samsung - Mr. Mohammad Reza Shams-1391-Tehran
-For the consolidation of the substrate-Persian Company Bana-1390-Behshahr
-Installation of Amir Abuzar Alvand Co.-2011 - Imam Khomeini Port
-Microprocessor Test -Jian-2011-Khorramshahr Test